I feel so lucky to have been involved in these projects, they still feels like little dreams come true. Somtimes I still think 'did this really happen to me?'. I'm so grateful to the people involved in each project and the ways in which each one came about is a story in itself and still make me smile. Thank you.


The Snowboarder's Journal

I was unbelivably stoked to be asked to do some paintings for the 17/18 Jones Snowboards range. Supplied with a wealth of incredible images here's some of what I came up with.
A fantastic experience dealing with these guys and a privilege to see my art covered in print. A long held dream of mine realised.


What started with a painting sale and an appreciation of the 'Winter Ronin' paintings has led to an interesting colaboration with an independant snowboard craftsman.


Torrey House Press

'The Luckiest Scar on Earth' a comming of age story by Ana Maria Spagina and published by Torrey House Press.
Utah Air National Guard KC-135 Plane Livery